• Body Lessons

    Body Lessons is a marriage of Terry's clinical experiences in health care settings, working with physicians and many years studying dance.

    Her base of knowledge includes study of somatic methods like Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique and Ideokinesis.

    These experiences combined, allow a multiplicity of ways to see and understand movement, address alignment and body mechanics, and address self care practices that are well suited for non-dancers and dancers alike.

  • Self Care

    The work is an Integrated continuum of a multitude of bodywork modalities combined with her intimate experience with bodies to create a practice that has served herself, her friends, family and students.  Body Lessons Self Massage is The Ultimate in Self Care is available for groups or private lesson.

    Interested in Reawakening the Mind's Control of Movement, Flexibility and Health ? Somatic Exercise Class, August 24-Oct 19, 2017, San Rafael, Ca.

  • Bio

    Teresa Del Giorno aka Terry, PTA, CMT, CLM, CMA, (current) she answers to Teresa, T, Tess and Terry, is a life long dancer, educator and advocate who has provided patient care for over thirty years in variety of specialties including complementary (homeopathic, nutritional) women's health, pediatric, urgent care, cardiology, physical/manual therapy and internal medicine.

  •  Certification's

    T is CPR, ALS and ACE certified and bonded(current) The Lebed Method (CLM)is a clinically proven, therapeutic exercise and movement based program originally developed for Breast Cancer Survivors. Today, it is recommended for chronic lymphedema, MS, Parkinson's, Chronic Fatigue (CFIDS), arthritis, fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses.

  • Contact T if you or your loved ones could benefit from a medically safe, gentle practice of movement that anyone can participate in at their own fitness level, seated or standing. Private and online lessons available.